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Clock on 2000 323i radio?

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Hi, I'm new here and glad to be part of the community! I just purchased a 2000 323i with the factory cd radio. Is there no clock on the radio itself? I have the computer option so I can get the time showing on the dashboard but not on the radio. There is no clock symbol on the -key. Did those radio's not have a clock? Would appreciate any input on this! :)
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Clock on 2000 323i radio

Hey there, i happen to have the same exact model. There's also a clock showing right under the hole where you put your CDs in. The time should be displayed there, and when you switch stations, it shows you the station info on that screen. hope this helps. good luck
Hey, thanks for the reply. On that display that you mentioned below the cd slot, I get full info on the station, type of music that they play, title of song, and the artist who made it, but..... NO Time!!! Could it be that my particular BMW radio has no clock? I have tried everything! Unfortunately, the car came with the original owners manual and warranty book but no radio book. Owners manual gives you no info of any kind about the sound system.:tsk:
Hey, not sure why the clock doesnt show. i would try to play with those buttons that change stations, and give you station info. do a bit more research, if i find something neww, i'll let you know.
OK, Thanks! :)
This message is mainly for rjean02. My radio has no clock because it is an early 2000 model. (Actually made before Sept. 10, 1999) I submit the following info that I found:

Q: Are there any differences between 1999 and 2000 cars?
A: All year 2000 cars come standard with DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) rather than ASC. Also, For year 2000 cars produced after September 10, the following changes will be implemented (per Bulletin #00-3-7 26-Jul-99):
***8226;Power seats with driver's seat memory upgraded to include exterior mirror memory.
***8226;Radios will have clock function; as a result, an onboard computer function and the time can be displayed at the same time.
***8226;Child seat tether anchorages added as standard equipment.
***8226;Center console buttons redesigned.
***8226;New key design
***8226;New wheel 15" alloy wheels on the 323i.
***8226;Passenger side mirror park-assist. If you have power seats and the side mirror switch is in the LEFT position, then the mirror will tilt down when the car is put into reverse.
Note- The exteriors of the cars have not changed.
So that solves the mystery! Thanks for getting back to me. Have a great weekend!:)
my car is 11/99 production date and on the cd there is a clock button bettwen the + and - and the tones adjusting it constantly shows the radio station info unles i pressed the watch button then time will constanlty display.
What happens when you push in the volume knob?
I have 9/99 build 328Ci. I don't have any clock button on my radio either. I'm taking it that there was a box of older radios that they had to go through at the factory before they started installing the newer ones. I've been looking for a newer stock head unit with a Mode button, but I've seen ones that have the CD button, but there is a Clock button under the volume knob.

I have memory seats, tilting passenger mirror, newer key, Steptronic, so I think I am doing OK on the packages.

If you just want the clock feature, there was just one with the CD button on EBay. I watched it so if it gets relisted, I'll send you the link for it. It was listed for $50, so it would be a fairly cheap upgrade. Cheaper if you were to list your old radio later. There is also the Mode button radio, but those are running about $150. If you are looking to put in an AUX, or Satellite feature, you have to make sure you get an even later model.
Thanks for all of your info! :)
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