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Hi all,
I have a problem on my "alarm"...have tried searching the forum in vain... so I wld appreciate if some angels can enlightened me one what's going on. :bigpimp:

I just bought a 320i (a few mths). The boot was mod. by the previous owner; the boot has no "keyhole" and can only be opened by the 'aux' button on the alarm. (This is no original alarm...)

While trying to change filter for the air-con DIY, I plug out the alarm for easier access.
After I was done... I re-fit the alarm and boom! Something seemed to have burnt. :cry: It was the alarm and I had that thing removed.

The boot was left hanging in the open position... attempts to slam it shut only result in it "rebouncing" open.

And then now the boot can't be open / close using the key. I had to push the little hood to one side to shut the boot & open it 'manually' through the small hole between the 2 passengers' seats.

A day later, I couldn't start the car. Tried jump-start & it works. (So there was battery drained)

The car began working normally (no more drain) after I had what I think is the sensor, wires linking to the alarm & the boots unplugged as well.

Now, the questions:
1. What could have probably been the cause of the drain...?
2. What shld be done...?
I had thought all I need is to replace with an alarm with the 'aux' function so that I can open my boot. Am I wrong?
I have been to many garages (at least 9) and going a little bit whinny...
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