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Paranoia tells me to push it to the floor. I know people who get clutch stops and the like to help get a shorter amount of travel though. But without something physical in the way (either a clutch stop or the floor), you could always guess wrong and you'll be shifting when you haven't completely disengaged the clutch, meaning either something bad will happen immediately, or your clutch life will be greatly shortened if you do it repeatedly (even if it's not noticeable).

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Eventually you'll find the sweet spot, not quite to the floor. Also, with the "Drive by wire" throttle, it actually has a slight millisecond delay built into it to provide easy shifting for a wide range of drivers (another discussion by someone else, HACK?) so that gets alittle irratating when you use, say, reverse backing up a hill. Another thing you learn to compensate for as well.

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You should, but not because of wear.
BMW's new clutches are "self-adjusting"
The translation of this is that they are vague, numb and have a MOBILE engagement point. You need to push them the exact same distance every time in order to keep the engage point in the same place.


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For longest service life - All the way to the floor and no slippage on the take-up.

In reality - Not always to the floor, and slippage.

The compromise will shorten the life of the clutch, but I wouldn't (and don't) stress over it. As a rule, for normal driving, my clutch hits the stop.

I have also heard some people freak about wear to the "throw-out bearing" when the clutch is pushed in (and held) at a traffic light. That is getting a bit anal!

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stop lights

I was taught that at a stop light you put the car in neutral, and shift into first when the light changes to green.

On the other hand, I can't get a smooth start without some slippage. I can't even come close with this car. I could with other manuals I've driven, but with my 330 I just make the car lurch like crazy.

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