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I had my clutch replaced 15K miles ago under warranty for a faulty pressure plate (per SI2101012121903900). The symptoms were the pedal became very notchy especially in 1st gear and very rough like pebbles were in the throw out bearing, and they replaced the whole clutch set.

Now 15K miles later I am beginning to notice a “catch” in the clutch release only in 1st gear, not all the time and mainly when cold. Feels like it momentarily hangs up for a fraction of an inch and then releases quickly. If I stop and leave the gearshift in gear with the clutch pedal depressed then go, it is OK, but if I shift into neutral, let out the clutch and then re-engage and start off then it sometimes happens.

Now I am out of warranty and hoping it doesn’t get as bad as the first clutch did. Supposedly the pressure plate was an “improved” type, whatever that means. I have searched the board and seen others who have had a similar problem and wonder if this “catch” is just an annoyance or will develop into a real problem.


Steve D
2000 540/6sp
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