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Clutch delay has to go!

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This is a cross post with I want to figure out how the clutch delay is added to the clutch system if you do not have the clutch delay valve (CDV) in the standard spot. Now I can feel some sort of delay in the clutching so it makes sense that somewhere in the system there must be a restrictor. If I don't have the valve what is the possibility that it is built into the slave cylinder? What about the master? Has anyone had a chance to look at either of these?

If you don't know what I am talking about read this thread:

With the number of smart, experienced people here we should be able to figure this out!

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I just went looking around in and under the car. What does everyone think this could be?

This is on the other end of the rubber hose that connects the master to the slave cylinder. Does anyone who had the CDV have this thing as well? It seems like it is about the right size. I am thinking it could be something otherwise why wouldn't the ends be the same.



I check the ETK again looking at where else it could be hiding. That thing I took a picture of must be some sort of coupler because it is pictured in the ETK as a part of the clutch line. I think the Hack is right and the delay must be in the slave. Well now I am going to have to pull the slave off and take a look :). I will let you know what, if anything I figure out.

1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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