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clutch pedal crunchiness

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Not sure if its the heat (94+) yesterday here in philadelphia or if the car is still new (531 miles so far), but over the last week I've started to feel a strange feeling when depressing the clutch pedal. It's kinda a notch about halfway into the pedal. There's a thunking kinda sound underneath the trim where the clutch pedal disappears into. I figured it probably was a lack of lubrication on the spring. I remember our Z3 had a similar problem, but it was throughout the whole clutch pedal travel and was much more pronounced. Lubrication by the dealer did the trick.

Anybody have a similar problem?
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my 325i clutch does that too. with the car off, i can always feel it. With the car on, I only feel it sometimes. I think its normal-- i've
read similar description of this problem or this and and the consensus is that its normal.
Bmwsfca--that's been my experience in the northeast-- 5 dealers all incompetent in 1 way or another. I also feel an occasional pop or click in my clutch pedal, but shudder at thinking about some of these dealer techs attempting to take anything apart without screwing it up. I've never had a dealership experience where they were able to do something correctly the first time and where they didn't manage to make something worse.

I have the same feeling in my clutch pedal- but once the car warms up fully it seems to go away. I think that you really should consider living with it-- because we all know what happens when dealer techs attempt to actually fix anything-- especially something where they have to possibly remove something like a transmission. I'd be very scared- and for this reason will never try to have this problem fixed. I've learned my lesson after the whole steering retrofit debacle and several other experiences.
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