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clutch pedal crunchiness

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Not sure if its the heat (94+) yesterday here in philadelphia or if the car is still new (531 miles so far), but over the last week I've started to feel a strange feeling when depressing the clutch pedal. It's kinda a notch about halfway into the pedal. There's a thunking kinda sound underneath the trim where the clutch pedal disappears into. I figured it probably was a lack of lubrication on the spring. I remember our Z3 had a similar problem, but it was throughout the whole clutch pedal travel and was much more pronounced. Lubrication by the dealer did the trick.

Anybody have a similar problem?
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I have an ' 330i, with only miles on it, so I assume our cars were built around the same time. I just got mine back from the dealer day before yesterday because of the clutch.

Here's my original symptom. When depressing the clutch, it almost fealt like there was a rubber ball under it for the last few inches from the floor, and I had to use extra effort to fully engage the clutch.

This happenned for a week or so, and then the slave cylinder failed, making the clutch inoperable, and covering my garage floor with hydrolic fluid.

So, if you are having a similar feeling to what I described, I think you should get an appointment asap, so you aren't stranded anywhere with a bad clutch. Good Luck!
RChoudry said:
thanks Larry

how's the clutch now? is it perfect?
Don't ask. I think they may have somehow (??) got something on the clutch plate, or my throw out bearing needs replacing. Now that the clutch pedal feels nice, I get a shudder when releasing the clutch to engage a lower gear. I think the clutch housing assembly is totally enclosed, so I can't see how they'd permeate the clutch plate with Hydrolyc fluid. So, I'm betting it's the throw out bearing.:banghead:

Funny thing is that I'm so far from overly picky, but I also
don't want to be stuck with something less than it should be.
Having come from a 5sp 323i SP (E46), the feeling I was getting with the resistance a couple of inches form the floor is definitely not normal. Now that they've replaced the slave cylinder, I have a smooth actuating clutch pedal. I do get the grabbies sometime going from stop to 1st. (It's not user error either). It just shouldn't studder like it does some times.
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