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clutch pedal crunchiness

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Not sure if its the heat (94+) yesterday here in philadelphia or if the car is still new (531 miles so far), but over the last week I've started to feel a strange feeling when depressing the clutch pedal. It's kinda a notch about halfway into the pedal. There's a thunking kinda sound underneath the trim where the clutch pedal disappears into. I figured it probably was a lack of lubrication on the spring. I remember our Z3 had a similar problem, but it was throughout the whole clutch pedal travel and was much more pronounced. Lubrication by the dealer did the trick.

Anybody have a similar problem?
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I have a similar problem with my 325xi manual. There was a "clicking" sound and feeling, sort of like a one of those toy discs being pop/clicked about 1/3 of the way up or down. The clutch also felt "sticky" when you stepped on some gum. This started at about 2700 miles.

Brought the car to the dealer and one of the technicians took it for a test drive. He was riding the clutch to hold the car on a hill (cringe), afterwards the head service guy test drove the car. When I got the car back the clicking went away. Unfortuately, it came back about 2 days later, then mysteriously disappeared. Now at about 3,000 miles the clutch actually feels pretty good.

Test drove a friends car similar to mine who has about 1500 miles on it and I can also feel the clicking.

I will probably still have a service rep take a look at it in a few weeks to make sure that it is not a throwout bearing problem, but for now, the clutch operation is very smooth.
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