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clutch pedal crunchiness

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Not sure if its the heat (94+) yesterday here in philadelphia or if the car is still new (531 miles so far), but over the last week I've started to feel a strange feeling when depressing the clutch pedal. It's kinda a notch about halfway into the pedal. There's a thunking kinda sound underneath the trim where the clutch pedal disappears into. I figured it probably was a lack of lubrication on the spring. I remember our Z3 had a similar problem, but it was throughout the whole clutch pedal travel and was much more pronounced. Lubrication by the dealer did the trick.

Anybody have a similar problem?
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I have a similiar feeling on my Eclipse and it is only once in a while I feel it. It's a feeling I can detect only when depressing the clutch and it's at the last 1/3 of pedal travel. The weird thing is, I didn't notice it until the other day I was lubing a part on the pedal itself and I pushed the clutch in and out about 20 times then on one of my pushes in, I felt this extra resistance. It was kind of weird . . .

But then again, I get a squeaking noise under the hood when I depress the cltuch so something definitely needs wd-40 in there !!

Can you let me know what the dealer does to it ?

If they lube it, please let me know what they lubed . . . .

RChoudry said:
of course Alan.

My old GSR integra had a similar problem and the Clutch Slave Cylinder was actually replaced to fix it.

Have you ever had this in your BMW?
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