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Clutch :(

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Hi guys

I have the following problem with my clutch:
Sometimes when pushing/releasing the clutch I get a "scratching" feeling. It doesn't go down smoothly, but like it's...well...scratching something along the way.
I am not able to reproduce it consistently, didn't notice any connection with outside or engine temperature. Only happens when engaging upwards from 1st gear (or downwards till neutral). Meaning - when the car is standing still in neutral and I engage the 1st - don't get the feeling. From 1st to 2nd and so forth - feels like crap :( With downshifting it happens in all gears, and when shifting from 1st into neutral too.

Last weeks visit to the dealer didn't solve it, they couldn't reproduce it (surprise :tsk: ). Anyone experienced this? Any insights as to what might be causing this? Maybe I should change the whole clutch set-up? (It is my first bimmer, and clutch on it was very hard for me to engage smoothly first 6 months or so, so it is probaby not in it's best shape right now)

This bug could force me to get a Step next time :( 'Cause I can't stand even touching the clutch now :(
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Nobody has ever had anything like this happen ? :)
I think I had some similar problems with my Accord Coupe (although it might be different since it only happened when the car was cold). The fix was to lube the clutch fork (that's what delaer said) and the problem went away. Ask your dealer to do this and see what happens.
thnx danpop!
will try that.
I have the same problem...

Mine acts strangely from time to time. Its especially bad when the outside climat is cold and humid. The problem does however seem to go away after a few days of warm weather.

Properly due to the environmentally friendly materials used now a days.

Don't think its anything serious though.

Well, nothing scary or dangerous, but I would want it to stop doing that :)
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