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Clutch :(

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Hi guys

I have the following problem with my clutch:
Sometimes when pushing/releasing the clutch I get a "scratching" feeling. It doesn't go down smoothly, but like it's...well...scratching something along the way.
I am not able to reproduce it consistently, didn't notice any connection with outside or engine temperature. Only happens when engaging upwards from 1st gear (or downwards till neutral). Meaning - when the car is standing still in neutral and I engage the 1st - don't get the feeling. From 1st to 2nd and so forth - feels like crap :( With downshifting it happens in all gears, and when shifting from 1st into neutral too.

Last weeks visit to the dealer didn't solve it, they couldn't reproduce it (surprise :tsk: ). Anyone experienced this? Any insights as to what might be causing this? Maybe I should change the whole clutch set-up? (It is my first bimmer, and clutch on it was very hard for me to engage smoothly first 6 months or so, so it is probaby not in it's best shape right now)

This bug could force me to get a Step next time :( 'Cause I can't stand even touching the clutch now :(
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Nobody has ever had anything like this happen ? :)
thnx danpop!
will try that.
Well, nothing scary or dangerous, but I would want it to stop doing that :)
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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