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? code TOP-VIEW camera on when under 10mph

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OK, be gentle, this is my first post. If I am in the wrong spot, please point me in the right direction.

Here goes... I would love to know how to make the "Top-View" video come on automatically when the car drops below 8-10 mph. I had a Lexus previously and while there are lots of things I do not miss I do miss this feature. Basically, whenever the cars speed dropped below 8 mph the R/H cameral would come on giving you a shot of your R/H lower body and tire. This feature is terrific when parking or making R/H turns (no more "curbed" wheels).

My 550i does not have the same camera set up as the Lexus but TOP-VIEW is close enough.
I know it can be manually selected but that gets old fast.

Any thoughts?

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Welcome to bimmerfest.

We can program it stay on at all speeds but not sure if it can be coded to switch on at a given speed

You can find more details under coding section on best of bimmerfest
Thanks Dreamcar!
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