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My 2018 F30 is a "No Line" Advantage package, but I was thinking about adding the ambilight color change. I added the color_switch option and also added the color option "Sport" to the HU.

The option is available and I can change the value (first time it had no value thought), and the selected value is stored fine.

I would have thought that when selecting the "Sport" instead of "Classic" would turn of the ambilight in my car, since for now I have not added the ekstra AMBL_2 wire to the LED modules(which also needs a resistor and an LED), but that is for later if I can get the coding working.

No mater what I select, the color remains orange. I was wondering if actually the FEM module needs coding also ? I have checked CAFD Tool, and if I select to VO code FEM with "Sport Line", it sets values for the ambilight, like "2_colors" and so on. All my FEM values is the same as it is right now, so I dont think this is the issue.

Can the FEM be "sensing" that there is no AMBL_2 wire with resistor and diodes ? and therefore just remains on AMBL_1 light no matter the setting ?

Has anyone done this retrofit on a no line car with success ?

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