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Coding Error - CAS module, CAFD_00000000f-005_024_221

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I was able to start successfully coding my F01 (2013 750i) this week and make a few tweaks. But the most important ones I want are in the CAS module. When I go through the normal steps...

- select the CAFD_00000000f-005_024_221 entry under the CAS folder
- right click and choose [Read Coding Data]

... I get error "File for "CAFD_00000000f-005_024_221 not found (C012)". I didn't get it for any other modules.

Any ideas?


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This has been answered maybe a million times. Your psdzdata version is too old.
Did 54.0 work? There is a newer version, at least 54.1. 54.0 should though work, unless your car hasn't been updated recently. There is also other option, if your car still has software from factory: Sometimes at factory they install cafd versions that are not part of any psdzdata version. Solution for this is to inject new cafd via detect caf for swe and then vo-code the module.
Can you guys tell a bit more about this "fdl coding is over" thing?
He? Who? Tokenmaster? Sorry I don't understand you.
Ok. BTW TokenMaster was not the first person to publish token generator for free, he actually didn't want to publish it because he said that BMW will likely introduce new protection systems if generator is released. So don't blame him.
: popcorn:
Token generator is the latest.
And before that was hacked e-sys, NCD / CAFD Tool.
This was my first thought and will probably work quite good. Only problem is that when new parameters are added, we won't know their names or meanings. This is not a real problem for now, and it is still possible to use ncd-cafd tool's what-if features to find new parameters which depend on some specific FA-code. I wouldn't say that FDL coding is dead, but yes it is in trouble.
For compare 2 files, you can use any text viewer:

Soon will be trimmed all files.
Of course, because cafd-files on newest psdzdata are trimmed versions.
Tested now a downgrade flash from 54.3 to 52.x
Result was, although i had now old cafd in NBT, CAFD were not readable
Only older psdzdata helped to make the same old CAFD readable.
I will flash my car to 54.3 as soon as I get the psdzdata.
Yep, it is probably not so straight forward for BMW to trim these files. Now they must use different "un-trimmed" cafd set on developement. This also includes developement made by subcontractors, and I think that this is the place where leaking happens in the first place (if we talk about esys, not psdzdata until now).
Correct. Not every thing is trimmed, at least not yet...
Of course there are untrimmed versions out there.
No, they are not given to the dealers. Dealers get these trimmed versions, that's why the situation is what it is. In future if no untrimmed psdzdata are leaked, average coders are not able to fdl-code and I think that this is what BMW wants. I think that they are loosing big money because coding is so popular and easy, this move will make it not so easy and most coders can't code any more.
What? Dealers don't use esys or fdl-code. These are factory level developement tools, not dealer applications.
ISTA/P, and it can only vo-code (when we are talking about coding).
Esys is for people who develope these systems (at BMW AG and subcontractors)

I don't know how the dealer did FDl-code your friends car, but AFAIK there is already a possibility that somebody from factory connects remotely to a car. What kind of coding your friend got?
With current E-sys version, it woud be a PITA to use trimmed CAFD. FDL-editor won't show you exact memory adresses or bitmasks, you must use CAF-viewer to see them. Also think about developement and adding parameters. Like Nobody99 said, trimming files can be done in a minute. Based on this, I think that there must be un-trimmed versions somewhere which are trimmed before added to new ISTA/P release.
I do not think there will be different untrimmed version. Bottom line is BMW does not need untrimmed CAFD and FAFP files at all. They will know the correct memory address for each function to accomplish anything they want.
Ok, my post was based on assumption that they still use E-sys.
Without TokenMaster, ShawnSheridan and others, this community wouldn't exist, or at least would be much more limited. Without VadimAA, this blaming thing wouldn't exist. Like Standa wrote, this thing is much bigger and long term planned, and not related to work of some individual people.
54.1 or 54.2, so you should be able to code it with 54.1.
Hi, just received an update on my F15 today with a new I-Level: F025 14-11-502

Does anybody have the latest ISTA/P VERSION AND I-LEVEL OVERVIEW to identify the required PSDZData Version?

Yes, rules of money. Technical discussion happens on Russian forums, then the information is used to squeeze money from western car owners.
And a word about Russian coders. It's a separate ecosystem with its own rules.
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