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Friends. Just purchased a 2017 F25. One of the few options it didn't have is a heated steering wheell, thigh doors have LKAS, etc and so I believe the wheel is heated, just not active, per some other threads. Purchased the button and will find out soon, but I'm not sure what coding I would need to do to enable.

Found this forum that outlined some tweaks in fem_body, but given I have FRM, JBBP, etc not sure where to find the equivalent. Can't seem to find any F25 thread on this, either. Anyone know of this being done?

Hoping to use bimmercode and avoid vo coding.

To code the heated steering wheel all you need is

3140 PFLinSteeringWheel
LIN_VARIANTE_LRE = lre_tlc_lhz
LRE_Verbaut = aktiv

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How did you make out?
Never seen a BMW where the steering wheel had the heating element in it but was not enabled. When I was at the junk yard, I found a F25 with sport wheel that I wanted. I was going to get it, but there was no plug on the wheel for the heating wires. Do you think your wheel has heating elements even though you don't have the button?
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