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Sept 9?
Opening day Bears
Oh, my God, you're right !!!!
maybe we'll change it to the 8th ?

Lemme PM some folks.

As for that opener..... Hopefully Urlacher plays the opener. Him and Briggs are still the best LB Duo in the NFC. So long as that defense is healthy, we're gonna be better than expected. Our Offense is finally gonna beast this year. Cutler/Marshall/Forte/Jeffrey/Bush are gonna go HAM on the NFC central as long as Tice can make that line into a servicable one.

You got me all hyped up now, LOL.

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I will be coming from Madison, WI to code. If you guys have any question then shoot me an email to -> bmwminicoding [at] gmail [dot] com

Thanks DULLAH for arranging the coding meet. I'm excited to meet the big guys.

Here are the list of options that can be coded for F and E series car

Doors & Mirrors
***8226; Close Windows & Roof / Convertible top with the Key FOB.
***8226; Eject Key FOB and Unlock doors when the ignition is turned off
***8226; Disable Auto Dimming mirrors
***8226; Close Side View Mirrors with the key FOB

***8226; Disable iDrive [Accept] Warnings
***8226; Disable Rear camera warning ***8211; Never solely rely on camera
***8226; Video in Motion for CIC
***8226; Weather Band Radio for CIC
***8226; Fuel Stop Suggestion in Route Guidance for CIC
***8226; Lock/unlock beep options in iDrive for CCC
***8226; Day time Running Light option in iDrive for CCC
***8226; Traffic Information for CCC

Wiper Operation
***8226; Wiper completes the cycle when ignition is turned off
***8226; Disable Headlamp Washer

Rain Sensor
***8226; Close Sunroof when the rain is detected (Rain Sensor should be turned on)

Instrument Cluster
***8226; Digital Speed in cluster (True car or Speedometer)
***8226; Disable Door Chime when the key FOB is in the slot.
***8226; Enable Efficient Dynamics Gear Shift Indicator (6 Speed Manual Transmission) 2007.3+
***8226; Instrument Cluster Lighting always On (Day & Night)
***8226; Red Clown Nose Blinking when locked (no alarm installed ***8211; only E46& E83)
***8226; Instant MPG (Only for ///M)
***8226; Fuel Tank Warning at 1/8 tank rather than 1/4 tank
***8226; Frost Warning (Chimes when below 37'F - only E46)

***8226; Double Blink Hazard lights
***8226; Side Marker/ Turn Signal Lights / Corner LED off with head lights
***8226; Disable windows safety feature (One touch window rolls up when door is open)
***8226; BFD (Brake Force Distribution) Lights on with regular breaking ***8211; Very bright break lights
***8226; Increase Brightness for Angle eyes
***8226; Fog Lights stays on with high beam or high beam flash
***8226; Fog lights always on with headlights (low beam, Auto)
***8226; Fog lights on with AE DRL
***8226; Fog Lights for Corner Lights (Fog lights will turn on for low speed turning)
***8226; Welcome Lights on (Turn on fog, Angel Eye, low beam, rear license plate lights when unlocking the car)
***8226; Follow Me Home Lights (Turn on low beam and break lights when trunk release button pressed once - FRM3)
***8226; Angel Eye on full power when low/high beam turned on (No Angel Eye dimming) ***8211; Not for LED halos.
***8226; Angel Eye as DRL instead of head lights
***8226; Rear Tail Lights ON with DRL
***8226; Delete Bulb Errors (Disable Cold/Warm Test after Retrofit)
***8226; Adjust the Auto Light Sensitivity (Head lights will not turn on when it is sunny)

***8226; Close the trunk (tailgate) with the key FOB and button inside the cabin

Seat Belts
***8226; Remove Seat Belt Chime for Driver and Passenger

***8226; Retrofit Coding

*Possibility to code specific option may vary depend on the model. In 100+ that I've coded I have not had a single coding-related error.

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I think around 10am-11am everyone will start rolling in. It's going to be in Schaumburg on golf road on 9/8/2012. PM for the exact address. Thanks everyone for coming and I look forward to it !!

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This is just a reminder about the coding meet and I'm planning to stay from 10 AM to 6 PM on Saturday (9/8/12). So you don't have to be there at 10 AM exactly.

Please contact DULLAH to get the address details.
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