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what is this test exactly testing and how do I use this test to check on the coils after the spark plug replacement I completed couple of weeks ago.
Good question!

In Let's talk coil packs.. best brands / prices Jase says:
Unless you have an oscilloscope handy ... the resistance check won't net you a bad coil.

The low voltage used by typical multimeters when measuring resistance is not enough to properly test the secondary windings. See if your indy has a "megger" or, read up on using an O-scope (borrow) to test.

I ran the Bentley tests when I got a stumble / misfire on one coil pack. Primary resistance was "in spec" and gave me no info.
The car is running fine except for some tapping noise I heard when the car was warm
If it's new, maybe it is what you said. But also listen to see if it's the DISA.
- How to identify DIfferenzierte SAuganlage - (Differential Air Intake) rattles (0) (1)

it is kind of hard to find 540 (V8) specific DIYs at times.
For plugs, one of these 'might' be for the V8:
DIYs for replacing spark plugs (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)

Also, the 740i E38 team often comes over here; sometimes paying 'them' a visit is worthwhile for their DIYs (which should be essentially similar).
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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