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Howdy all,
I've got two 07 328XI BMW's. One is a coupe and one is a sedan. I recently changed the plugs and coils on the coupe with no issues what so ever. However when I went to change them on the sedan I ran into some issues where the coil packs I received wouldn't "slide" right in as easily. As a matter of fact, they slid in about 3/4 of the way and stopped.
After inspecting the supply cable theres nothing stuck in the pins on any of the connectors. I know this because the original packs work just fine.

Anyways, the packs I received were from Beck/Arnley. I took a look at the plugs and there are some minor differences in manufacturing but none that seem to be a huge draw back. I did notice the top pin inside the coil looks like it either was pressed incorrectly? or maybe solder on the tip of them?

I know it seems like I'm answering my own question but I couldn't find anything regarding anyone else running into coil packs that didn't fit connection wise. I've triple checked the Part Number across 3 different websites that offer this brand and they all say they should be good.

Any thoughts?

(I am sending them back just incase)


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