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Color Popularity

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Is there a list online somewhere that shows the popularity rank of the various 3-Series exterior colors (i.e., ranked according to numbers produced)?
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Yeah, I'd be curious to know the exact figures...although by just looking around, the most popular ones are black, silver and topaz blue...
I think I found it...this one right?

Fred Meloan wrote:

For the first time since I can remember all the 3 Series models have the same color choices. I have looked at the color selections for the first two months of 2002 production for the four most popular models and charted them for you.
To the surprise of almost no one Titanium Silver and Jet Black remain the two most popular choices, comprising over 50% of production. I have to express my own surprise that Alpine White and Steel Gray are the next two most popular colors and that Oxford Green was among the lowest percentage of orders.

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1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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