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Color Popularity

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Is there a list online somewhere that shows the popularity rank of the various 3-Series exterior colors (i.e., ranked according to numbers produced)?
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Excellent! I WILL keep an eye on that thread. These figures must vary from country to country and region to region in the U.S. It's the national U.S. figures that would be most important to me. My own list, based mostly on my daily commute (which probably throws it off) would be:

1) Jet Black/Black Sapphire (can't tell apart)

2) Titanium Silver

3) Alpine White

4) Steel Gray

5) Gray Green

6) Oxford Green

7) Orient Blue

8) Topaz Blue

9) Steel Blue

10) Electric Red

For a new color, Gray Green has made a lot of inroads here. Also, Oxford Green seems popular compared to what you guys have seen.
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Wow, for some reason, around here (Houston) Gray Green and Oxford Green seem more common than that chart indicates. Especially Gray Green. I'm placing my order tomorrow for a 325i and I (think) I've decided on Gray Green with Gray Leather Interior.
Kaz - could be! :D I know I just ordered a gray green. I think the chart on doesn't accurately reflect the popularity of gray green because of its newness. I think it has already risen to number 5 (if we count the 2 blacks as 1 color):




Steel Gray

Grey Green

everything else

Doesn't really matter if a color is popular or not, to me. If I like it, I'll get it!
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1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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