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Hello everyone! I would appreciate some feedback on my tentative choices for detailing my recently acquired 1995 E 36. The regime begins with this: I plan to purchase a PC 7424 w/ backing plate, yellow, white, black LC pads, Menzerna Intensive and Menzerna Final polish, and have some Meguires nxt Tech paste wax that I previously purchased with not much research.

I plan to clay the car to start with, yellow pad with the Intensive, white pad for the Final. The paint has about 6 small scratches that will require touch up, and moderate swirl marks. Overall, not in bad shape, except for the swirl marks. The colour is Madiera Violet, a purple that almost looks black in some lights. I think it should look great with polishing! Any thoughts on detailing products/ techniques for the body trim, rocker panels, bumpers, wheels(bottle caps) rubber headlight covers etc. would be much appreciated. Being a noob with the polisher, I need all the help I can get!

Many thanks for your input!
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