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Complete CIC Retrofit plus extras

CIC Retrofit
So unfortunately the day has come to where I have to part with my baby, a ?08 e92 M3. What I am hoping is I have put together a very well-rounded package for anyone interested in the CIC retrofit. I pieced every part, one at a time, and everything worked amazing. So included are as follows:
(1) Center console trim (Black) for standard transmission
(1) I-Drive Controller
(1) CIC head unit, spec label included and attached along with VIN number for coding.
(1) Combox (Media)
(1) Trim removal kit. This preserved my interior dramatically.
(1) CIC monitor
(1) USB port to install in glove box along with cable.
(1) K+DCAN USB to OBD programming (Coding) connection. I did have a dedicated computer for this task, if needed let me know.
(1) Emulator, works perfectly.
(1) Retrofit Harness
(1) Fiber Optic Terminator plug
(1) All wires for navigation, etc.

I also have reason to believe my coder is the best value in the game once hardware is installed.

List Date: 8/2/2016

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Complete CIC Retrofit plus extras
This item is no longer available.


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