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If there is no lights coming on "check whatever". Does that mean your computer is not throwing any codes.
Like miss fire in bank 1 or whatever.
There was this exact question only a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I didn't bookmark it so that we could leverage all the effort expended to answer it (I'm gonna add this question to the bestlinks so that the NEXT person who asks it benefits from all the previous ones).

The answer is that you can have PENDING codes and you can have codes that are unrelated to the emissions system (e.g., BMW transmission codes).

Pending emissions-related codes take three times (within a FTP drive cycle anyway) before they will light the SES/CEL light (IIRC).

I think each computer 'can' have codes also ... so ... what you see is what your code reader can read.

I'll did for more details but to see an example of pending codes, see my current set of codes today:
- Does the order of the misfire OBDII DTCs diagnostic trouble codes actually matter (1)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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