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Computer on dash

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my rev-counter,speedometer and the computer on my dash were dead....sorted it out-turned out to be a blown fuse! but the range on the computer indicates a ludacris distance(890km) and the temperature is -30 degrees, the fuel consumption indicator and the speed limit work just fine..what could be the prob????
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The temperature inaccuracy is probably due to a broken or missing outside temperature probe. It should be mounted very near the driver's side foglight. (Or where a driver's side foglight would be in case you don't have them...)
Mine is really dim. I can't see it in the dark. Is there a bulb backlighting it that can be replaced?
Yup there sure is. When one of the two bulbs burns out they both go out and it's impsossible to see except for in direct bright light, even then it's not so great. Here's a write-up on replacing those bulbs:
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