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Consequesnce of running out of gas

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Hello. Driving outside today in 90+ degree weather with AC turned on, the OBC indicated 18 miles in remaining fuel. As I turn onto a driveway (slightly angled, but not steep), the car stalled (Check Engine light turned on). Can this problem be attributed to the low fuel level? If so, what damage can be done by running out of gas? Is the fuel pump a ticking time bomb now? The car is a 2001 325. Should I bring it in for service?
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The fuel pickup is on the right side, so the car tilted to the left or taking a tight right-hander can cause starvation. This happening a few times isn't gonna kill anything. And there's enough reserve and pressure left in the line that it actually doesn't completely drain the system.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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