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Hi Fellow BMW Enthusiasts,

I am in the market for a pre-owned executive class sedan. My top choice is a 2016 740. I am concerned about reliability, and I'm soliciting your opinions. Let me give you some context on my concerns and give you a sense for my tolerance for car tinkering, which is to say that I'm savvy and not easily overwhelmed, but I'm way too busy for a really fussy car.

My first nice car, and only BMW, was a 2002 540i with a sport package that I bought back in 2006 with 45k miles on it. I bought the car on ebay, didn't do a pre-purchase inspection, and my extended warranty didn't cover seals and gaskets. Oops.

The car was amazing - the best driving car I've ever had to this day in fact - but I would classify this car as too fussy for what I can handle. My extended warranty shelled out for a new radiator (twice), a new CD changer (twice), a new passenger seat frame and motors, and new suspension control arms and bushings. Not covered was valve cover gaskets, timing cover gaskets, transmission pan gasket, AC compressor, additional suspension bushings, coil packs and spark plugs, and more - all before 80k miles. Over the 3 years in my care, all repairs between what the extended warranty company paid for and what I personally did with indy shops, totaled over $15k (or $5k per year). And I drove her gently. I loved the car so much, but it became an all-consuming hobby from a time and money perspective. I maintained a back log of repair items prioritized in a spreadsheet with research next to each one, which is not the lifestyle I'm into.

My hope with the newest gen 740's is that perhaps quality had improved and that, perhaps, with a lower performance model (the 6 cylinder and no sport package - so regular tires at the same width on all 4 corners), maybe maintenance and repairs would be a bit easier on the wallet and my time. I've got friends with 335's and 528's that are well over 100k miles with relatively far fewer issues. What do you guys think about long term life with a regular 740? I'm okay with and think it is reasonable for a car of this magnitude to be more involved than a honda accord (that's just physics), but I also need it to be more reasonable than my last BMW experience.

Thanks for your thoughts,
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