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Considering a Used F80 with Dinan Stage 2

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Hi there!

I'm currently looking at a used F80 M3 with Dinan Stage 2 Tune with the associated modifications (Axleback,X-Pipe, Intake, Heat Exchanger) and the dealer is able to CPO the car so it will have the basic CPO warranty. Was wondering if it is necesary to buy CPO Platinum? It would be an additional $3999 and if there are any issues, would it be hard for me to get warranty work done beause of the Dinan modifications - so would it be basically worthless?

Any help would be much appreciated as this will be my potentially first BMW! :)
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1. Dealer may CPO the car, and when BMW doesnt pay, dealer will be "Oh, our". dealer can lie to you, make a mistake, etc, etc, and your sole recourse is to sue the dealer. BMWNA will not help a bit.

2. Dont own a car you cant afford. A modded car is always a risk. And sometimes the risk is not 'engine will blow up' but rather "they cant figure out whats going on and they are replacing parts using my wallet". Dinan is marginally less rish, but stil.

3. Dealer may find "oh, BMW turned down the CPO when we submitted it after you closed the deal. Oh well.

4. CPO may go through but when issues come up, CPO will not cover it. Nor will Dinan.

5. As above if you need a warranty, but a stock car. Ride it out until the end of CPO (or until you are comfortable) and then go wild w mods
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