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Considering a Used F80 with Dinan Stage 2

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Hi there!

I'm currently looking at a used F80 M3 with Dinan Stage 2 Tune with the associated modifications (Axleback,X-Pipe, Intake, Heat Exchanger) and the dealer is able to CPO the car so it will have the basic CPO warranty. Was wondering if it is necesary to buy CPO Platinum? It would be an additional $3999 and if there are any issues, would it be hard for me to get warranty work done beause of the Dinan modifications - so would it be basically worthless?

Any help would be much appreciated as this will be my potentially first BMW! :)
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I would steer way clear of this one. Speaking from experience, I would never buy a known modded car of this caliper. Way too many things to go wrong under normal conditions. If the car was modded, driven hard and put up for sale, I don't see the advantage unless this was a super bargain price. I would put no faith in the "warranty" as there are many posts about Dinan and warranty issues. The dealer is out to make MONEY. Both selling and servicing. I think you will get burned down the road. If this is your first BMW, I would say go stock, low miles and CPO if you can. Even having warranty work can be a pain, especialy when it has to keep going back because it's not fixed correctly. Not all repairs are rectified on the first trip. If they can squeak out of the warranty end of it, you can end up paying mega bucks and still be stuck owning a car that you may be affraid to drive because of the costs to drive.
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