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considering an e39 M5

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I sold my E92 M3, looking hard for a low mileage M5. Typically how long do these clutches last with average spirited driving? Found one with 66K miles for $19,500 trying to quiz the guy if he is the original owner. Any tips for what I should look for would be helpful..thanks guys
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It is IMPOSSIBLE to predict cluth life. Anyone that gives you a number is nuts.

I changed my disc at 98k and there was 40% material left. I drive very fast, BUT I never abuse the clutch. It is actuall really simple: never let the clutch slip- you open the driveline, shift, close it. Never allow the two to slip (except starting from a stop of course). Never spin the rear wheels. (why would you anyway?)

Most drivers dont know what cliutch abuse IS.

But in the thousands of E39M5 posts Ive read, many will blow through stock clutches in 20k miles... (this is the 20-30 yo crowd who learned to driver on automatics and things The fast and furious is a driving skills primer)

And know that you can destroy a cluitch on a test drive.

yup i have heard that and good call, i dont drive much as I have 4 BMW's just love the ride and classic e39 look. my 1st BMW ever was a e39 530i M-sport biz partner is selling his 2000 M5 with 79K miles has dinan stage 2 suspension, exhaust and software..clutch was replaced at 55K...thanks
haha a local enthusiast has changed his 2x already and he's just over 150k

my fiancee changed his at 100k

I'm on my original one at 125k
thanks for input all, decided not to get it after driving for a few days, lots of suspension rattles and door rattles, more than likely from the upgraded stiffer suspension..
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