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Considering BMW Alarm

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I am considering the BMW Alarm for my '01 325I.

Wanted to hear any hooray or horror stories about it from anyone who has this alarm.

Do you find yourself waking up at 3am on a daily basis to the sounds of your alarm going off at random?

Ever get a call from building management at your office that your alarm is going off again?

Does it go off at every Harley or (even better) Ducati that rumbles by?

Is it easy to install or require a rocket scientist?

Am I correct in that I will still be using my original key only and not an additional piece and will just need to have it programmed?

Thanks in advance!
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I had one and liked it. There have been more than a few threads on this very topic, try doing a search for the result. The group is pretty split.
With the chip in the key the car is already hard to steal. The alarm just keeps honest people honest but I liked that small extra measure of safety myself. Plus it upped the resale...
I have it, though only for a short time now, and the only time it has gone off to my knowledge is when I was testing it to make sure that it works.

I can tell you that the motion sensor is very sensitive...if you leave your windows open just walking by the car will set off the alarm. It is easy to deactivate this sensor by pressing the lock button twice so it really isn't a problem.

I installed it myself, it is very easy. You will need some patience to get the filtration unit apart for the siren install but you need very little mechanical apptitude to actually complete the install.

I have an '02 and the alarm only uses the multi-function as long as the '01 key is the same I would say that yes you are correct on this one.
I have the alarm option on my 330 also. I agree with it being very sensitive with the windows down. I actually didn't know you could press the lock button twice to disarm the motion sensor (learn something everyday). I'd say go for it! The alarm isn't the loudest but it will cause attention to the car.
There just isn't a point. No one reacts to car alarms. Driveaway protection in your key makes it hard to steal anyway. The extra measure of protection I would install instead is the so called fuel cutoff system. It's very popular in Europe. I have to look into it if it is available here. What it does is basically this: let's say someone was able to start your car with something else then your coded key or with your stolen key but did not know that there is a small hidden switch in your car which you have to press after you start it, what will happen if you don't is the fuel will be automatically cut off after a minute or so and thus immobilize the car. Sometimes it is not even a switch but a small piece of metal which you have to touch with another small piece of metal you carry on your key chain to "unlock" the system. But then again, car theft is not such a big issue here unlike in Europe. Car vandalism is more so... and idiots in big a** SUVs backing up right on you (just happened to a friend of mine and his E36, the b**ch was on a cell phone...)
Worth It For Me

It is worth it for me, but it is an individual decision that must be made based on your situation.

I live in an apartment complex but my 2000 323i is under a car port. The alarm has never gone off by accident. As a result of thunder or cars going by for example. I agree that the motion sensor is sensitive, but it has never gone off if I just have the windows down a couple inches. However it did go off once when my Dad slipped a piece of paper through the sunroof once. :thumbup:

I already have plans to have it installed in my 2003 330Ci before I pick it up! :)
Hey Gimp, if I still lived in Cols, it'd be a no-brainer for sure!

(Grew up in Worthington, by the way...Go Bucks!)

Thanks folks. I know that only I can decide if it's worth that extra bit o' protection. I think that I'm mostly just one paranoid new proud owner!!
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