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Contemplating eDrive 45e Purchase -- Questions

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Contemplating picking up a 23MY X5 xDrive 45e before they transition to 24MY. Would greatly appreciate any insight into the following questions:

1. Have found a pretty close match to what I'm looking for, but this particular vehicle does not come with Parking Assistance Plus. Will the X5 still have a backup camera and some baseline level of park distance control? Curious if mostly what is lost is the 360-deg views.

2. From the limited info on 24MY currently avail, any good reasons to wait? I'm not a big fan of the 'all in unified display' controls and the extra 100 HP wouldn't sway me, though it might be interesting if the electric motor HP/torque jumps substantially. Does anyone know if that's the case?

3. Most color combos available are either the Jet Black or White. Can any current owners comment on paint longevity? In the past I've shied away from these colors because they seem difficult to keep clean and they tend to show swirls easily. If you own these colors, would you take it through a car wash?

4. The vehicle seems amazing. Have watched numerous videos regarding ride quality, hybrid drive, and Harman Kardon system. That being said, any 'buyers remorse' or big lessons learned from this vehicle?

Appreciate all. Posting here since several of the questions relate to X5 vs. 45e specifics. Thanks!
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I order the 23 x5 45e over the 24 do to one reason. $$$$$ the way I wanted it equipped the 23 was $79675.00 the 24 was $86,000.00 + similarly equipped. But with the tax credit and negotiated discounts my cost on the 23 will be just under $70,000.00 plus sales tax. On the 24 the dealer wasn’t willing to negotiate either but I didn’t pursue so who knows. But it cost me at least $16,000.00 less going with the 23. What ever you get good luck
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I live in NY and the dealer was taking orders. I know production is starting in April in SC.
Well OK then, I will take every word you type on this forum as Gospel from now on so you don't have to resort to personal aggression. Pretty sure that I am not the first to notice that you really do not like to be disagreed with.
I find it comical how you seem to believe that you know what every BMW buyer is thinking and what every BMW dealer is selling their units for.
We all have different reasons for what buying decisions we make some always want to be on the so called leading edge, other are happy with old and reliable. In the 45e 50e controversy I’m going with what’s best for spending the money I have I don’t believe in borrowing money for vehicles. If I wanted a 50e I needed $15,000 more for a similarly equipped vehicle is the 50e better it might be but then I’ll take the XM over both there is always something better, in this discussion 45e is my choice and I’ll gladly live with it.
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At one time I worked in the area of FT Hood in Texas 10- 15 years ago while there I found out you can get a used vehicle at great prices and choices. The reason being young people in the military were buying more car than they really could afford and it becomes an eventually that they will be forced to sell and take a big hit. Being a Veteran I was sympathetic for their situation but I remember when I was in the Navy I bought a new car which stayed in a parking lot 90% of the time as I was at sea. I guess boys will be boys. In my day however cars were cheaper as a percentage of income today people are getting credit to by cars that are more than a years income for some, the lenders are counting on foreclosure which is where they really make their money.
For the most part I agree with The Turtleboy. I did get my best price from a broker however when you figure in State credits that may be available and the brokers fee I was able to get a slightly better price from dealer. But the main reason I went with dealer was that I was able to order exactly what I wanted with broker it was a toss up of car selection
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