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Contemplating eDrive 45e Purchase -- Questions

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Contemplating picking up a 23MY X5 xDrive 45e before they transition to 24MY. Would greatly appreciate any insight into the following questions:

1. Have found a pretty close match to what I'm looking for, but this particular vehicle does not come with Parking Assistance Plus. Will the X5 still have a backup camera and some baseline level of park distance control? Curious if mostly what is lost is the 360-deg views.

2. From the limited info on 24MY currently avail, any good reasons to wait? I'm not a big fan of the 'all in unified display' controls and the extra 100 HP wouldn't sway me, though it might be interesting if the electric motor HP/torque jumps substantially. Does anyone know if that's the case?

3. Most color combos available are either the Jet Black or White. Can any current owners comment on paint longevity? In the past I've shied away from these colors because they seem difficult to keep clean and they tend to show swirls easily. If you own these colors, would you take it through a car wash?

4. The vehicle seems amazing. Have watched numerous videos regarding ride quality, hybrid drive, and Harman Kardon system. That being said, any 'buyers remorse' or big lessons learned from this vehicle?

Appreciate all. Posting here since several of the questions relate to X5 vs. 45e specifics. Thanks!
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Thanks @speedyman - great info.

Personally, like the interior of the '23 better...but your stats on hybrid drivetrain are appreciated, especially with pace of technological change as you mentioned.

Still curious about what driving aids for reverse are available w/o parking assistance plus. Camera? Sensors? Just not 360-deg views?
Appreciate the input received.

Decided to pull the trigger on a ‘23 xDrive45e in Dark Graphite Metallic with Silverstone interior. Key factors were better value (comp to ‘24MY), prefer current interior, and use case doesn’t point toward benefit from ~100+ HP increase. Likewise, delivery this week likely means ability to squeak in under Early 2023 EV tax credit rules before IRS reissues guidance (rumored to be sometime this month).

Appreciate the wealth of info gleaned from this site. It’s been a few years since my last BMW (650ix) back in 2017. Looking forward to it!
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Well said Brian!

I’m usually on the tech leading edge: AI/ML, DIY solar install, beta versions for software, etc. Like you, I simply felt that scooping up a 45e made sense for a lot of reasons: guaranteed tax credit (if income threshold permits), an interior I prefer, and recognition that “perfect is the enemy of good enough.”

Picked up my 45e from Sandia BMW on Friday and drove back to Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex same day. Have to admit, so far the car has exceeded my expectations. Thrilled with the purchase overall.

Despite this, very curious if the increase in ‘24 x50e battery range is due to a) an adjustment to battery’s buffer to bring inline with European spec versions or b) if there was some chemistry/composition changes to the pack. Would be excellent if it’s the former: as BMW collects more data about pack wear it can raise the threshold to unlock additional capacity. If true, I can’t imagine BMW increasing capacity through OTA updates for ‘23 and older vehicles but it would indicate that owners could contemplate raising capacity more safely through unlock options that currently exist.

Whether to do so while under warranty or not is a different question that was covered elsewhere.
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