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Contemplating eDrive 45e Purchase -- Questions

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Contemplating picking up a 23MY X5 xDrive 45e before they transition to 24MY. Would greatly appreciate any insight into the following questions:

1. Have found a pretty close match to what I'm looking for, but this particular vehicle does not come with Parking Assistance Plus. Will the X5 still have a backup camera and some baseline level of park distance control? Curious if mostly what is lost is the 360-deg views.

2. From the limited info on 24MY currently avail, any good reasons to wait? I'm not a big fan of the 'all in unified display' controls and the extra 100 HP wouldn't sway me, though it might be interesting if the electric motor HP/torque jumps substantially. Does anyone know if that's the case?

3. Most color combos available are either the Jet Black or White. Can any current owners comment on paint longevity? In the past I've shied away from these colors because they seem difficult to keep clean and they tend to show swirls easily. If you own these colors, would you take it through a car wash?

4. The vehicle seems amazing. Have watched numerous videos regarding ride quality, hybrid drive, and Harman Kardon system. That being said, any 'buyers remorse' or big lessons learned from this vehicle?

Appreciate all. Posting here since several of the questions relate to X5 vs. 45e specifics. Thanks!
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The vehicle will have a reverse camera and rear PDC...I'm not sure if there will be front PDC without the extra package. The feds in the USA require a reverse camera on pretty much all vehicles since about 2019 or so.
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Yeah, black looks dirty with the slightest dust or of the greys is probably a little less problematic.

While I sort of like metallic paints, it is really hard to get an exact match with them should you need any eventual repair. It's much easier to repair or touch up a single, solid color versus a metallic.
I'm pretty sure the capacity increase was via a different cell as both the US and elsewhere got an increase. The USA still has about the same percentage cut off of the useable amount. BMW did this three times to the i3 over its lifetime, same battery case in all versions.
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