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Contemplating eDrive 45e Purchase -- Questions

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Contemplating picking up a 23MY X5 xDrive 45e before they transition to 24MY. Would greatly appreciate any insight into the following questions:

1. Have found a pretty close match to what I'm looking for, but this particular vehicle does not come with Parking Assistance Plus. Will the X5 still have a backup camera and some baseline level of park distance control? Curious if mostly what is lost is the 360-deg views.

2. From the limited info on 24MY currently avail, any good reasons to wait? I'm not a big fan of the 'all in unified display' controls and the extra 100 HP wouldn't sway me, though it might be interesting if the electric motor HP/torque jumps substantially. Does anyone know if that's the case?

3. Most color combos available are either the Jet Black or White. Can any current owners comment on paint longevity? In the past I've shied away from these colors because they seem difficult to keep clean and they tend to show swirls easily. If you own these colors, would you take it through a car wash?

4. The vehicle seems amazing. Have watched numerous videos regarding ride quality, hybrid drive, and Harman Kardon system. That being said, any 'buyers remorse' or big lessons learned from this vehicle?

Appreciate all. Posting here since several of the questions relate to X5 vs. 45e specifics. Thanks!
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Quite a few folks have been buying the 23's due to the interior changes in the LCI so you won't be alone. The quicker charging is the big advantage of the 50e, the HP, and small torque increase, will make little difference in daily driving in electric since the way it is set up it will only come into play at higher RPM's.

All of the parts will get scratched and show swirl marks depending on how you wash them. Use a touchless and you should be fine, run it will brushes and will likely get marks. Choose the color you like. ;)

Good luck with your decision.
Current 45e is 389HP/443TQ, the 50e will be 490HP/516TQ. This is going to be a very noticeable increase in power.
Those numbers are not what I was referring to but rather driving in electric.

Some analysis that has been posted from a European enthusiast:

Regarding the new E-Motor...don’t expect a big wonder. The new motor has just 20Nm more torque ( 265Nm vs 285Nm) .
That more power is just over 3000-5000rpm significant, as the new one can hold the torque up to 5000rpm ( old one up to 3000pm).
The question is how will BMW change the gear shifting logic. Currently the shiftpoint is at approx. 4000rm .
After that the torque is falling sharply down and it makes sense to shift into the next gear. It means, that if the ICE has to jump in ( e.g. kickdown) , then it hast to rev up to max. 4000rpm.
So if the new one will go up to over 5000, then it will be a huge jump for the ICE.
That range is currently not even accessible if the engine is cold ( max 5000rpm allowed).
I expect, the more electric power will be a game changer in the hybrid mode, but not in the EV mode.
Currently, the E-Motor could deliver up to 265Nm so it would be possible to reach the 700Nm in the range of 2-3000rpm, but BMW want a wide torque plateau, and therefore it's reduced to 150Nm ( which can be delivered at 5000rpm too).
The new one can put down 250Nm in the full range, and so you will have +100NM in Hybrid mode, which is more then noticable...

Yes, I meant that it won't make a big difference in the lower rpm range in EV mode.
265Nm at 3000rpm are 111hp and 285Nm at 3000rpm are 120hp. Shiftpoint is currently at approx. 4000rpm, so if you accelerate hard, the used rpm range is between 3000-4000rpm .
So in other words, if we would put that engine in the current 45e, we wouldn't notice a big difference. Above 3000rpm obviously looks better.
But in hybrid mode there is a 100Nm plus over the whole rpm range, and that should push down the 0-100 times by approx. 15% (4,7-4,8 sec)
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There does not appear to be a run on the '23 45e with over 450 of them nationally looking for a home.
To indicate that there is some kind of a rush on what will soon be the previous configuration is a bit disingenuous.
Sure, there may be a few out there here who have some aversion to change and the interior upgrades in technology and overal layout of the LCI which is in line with the current trend across many manufacturers.
There will always be guys who wish their trusty "flip phone" and Window '95 was still viable. Large displays are the current trend and will be accepted by the overwhelming majority of new car buyers with the exception of the "old school will always be better" fist pounders. That crew is more than welcome to live in the past.
LOL Sorry, I don't play your nonsense games. Go find find someone else.
No my friend, nonsense is promoting the misconception that those in the market for a new X5 are scrambling in mass to be buy what will be outdated technology and yesterdays news in a couple months. That is just ridiculous. I really doubt if anyone else is buying that BS.
You seem to see yourself as some ultimate authority on all things BMW here.
LOL - One day you will grow up. You do realize no one falls for your immature attempts at goading people into arguments. At least try a little harder and not blatantly make things up. Perhaps find an elementary school playground, they may be more on your level.
Appreciate the input received.

Decided to pull the trigger on a ‘23 xDrive45e in Dark Graphite Metallic with Silverstone interior. Key factors were better value (comp to ‘24MY), prefer current interior, and use case doesn’t point toward benefit from ~100+ HP increase. Likewise, delivery this week likely means ability to squeak in under Early 2023 EV tax credit rules before IRS reissues guidance (rumored to be sometime this month).

Appreciate the wealth of info gleaned from this site. It’s been a few years since my last BMW (650ix) back in 2017. Looking forward to it!
Congratulations! Good luck, enjoy and be safe.
Are 24s being ordered now?
The order banks for the 24's opened about three weeks ago and allocations were issued last week.
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Pricing question -- I know the market has completely changed since the last time I bought and unsure how to approach dealers. I'm looking at the 45e - don't care about the changes in the 50e or the price increase. Dealers around me have many 45e's on the lot, I'm guessing because buyers are looking at the 50e. So my question, for those that have bought recently, will dealers negotiate or are they still demanding full MSRP plus all their larded up add-ons and fee? While I'd rather have the 45e, I know it is going to take a sharp depreciation the moment the first 50e's ship so I'll hold off for a 50e if pricing is effectively non-negotiable.
It is going to depend on the dealer and location. We have been seeing discounts up to 5% or so more often for the 45e the past month but most seem to be sticking around MSRP. I think a big part of that is that the 45e still qualifies for the EV credit until the end of March, with MSRP and income limits of course, and the 50e is not expected to qualify once the battery guidance is issued. Your time is running out for that of course but if that is not an issue you may just want to wait until April and you will likely see more discounting. You may want to contact a broker and see what they can do for you if you don't want to contact a bunch of dealers to see what type off pricing to get.
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