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Contemplating eDrive 45e Purchase -- Questions

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Contemplating picking up a 23MY X5 xDrive 45e before they transition to 24MY. Would greatly appreciate any insight into the following questions:

1. Have found a pretty close match to what I'm looking for, but this particular vehicle does not come with Parking Assistance Plus. Will the X5 still have a backup camera and some baseline level of park distance control? Curious if mostly what is lost is the 360-deg views.

2. From the limited info on 24MY currently avail, any good reasons to wait? I'm not a big fan of the 'all in unified display' controls and the extra 100 HP wouldn't sway me, though it might be interesting if the electric motor HP/torque jumps substantially. Does anyone know if that's the case?

3. Most color combos available are either the Jet Black or White. Can any current owners comment on paint longevity? In the past I've shied away from these colors because they seem difficult to keep clean and they tend to show swirls easily. If you own these colors, would you take it through a car wash?

4. The vehicle seems amazing. Have watched numerous videos regarding ride quality, hybrid drive, and Harman Kardon system. That being said, any 'buyers remorse' or big lessons learned from this vehicle?

Appreciate all. Posting here since several of the questions relate to X5 vs. 45e specifics. Thanks!
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Forget about a '23 45e. The X5 50e goes into production next months and has very significant upgrades but that is if you are set on a PHEV. There is a significant amout of info on all the LCI models at this point.
Understand that any electrified vehicle will become relatively obsolete in the near future as this is a very rapidly evolving and advancing technological arena as in Bag Phone-Brick Phone-Flip Phone-Smart Phone-4-6-8-10-.......
Get what is current now and not what was the player 4 years ago which is ancient history in that world. Your depreciation is going to be steep on a 45e as the 50e takes center stage.
You will be moving a 6,000 lb vehicle with 110 HP from your overnight charge with a 45e in pure electric mode for about 30 miles max. That HP has leaped to nearly 200 HP with the 50e but keep in mind that the power to weight ratio at that point is still poor at around 30 lbs per HP.
Current 45e is 389HP/443TQ, the 50e will be 490HP/516TQ. This is going to be a very noticeable increase in power.
Yeah, I get that explanation and Thank You. I can't imagine driving a 6,000 lb vehicle in a 200 HP puss mode when I paid for something with nearly 500 HP.
Quite a few folks have been buying the 23's due to the interior changes in the LCI so you won't be alone. The quicker charging is the big advantage of the 50e, the HP, and small torque increase, will make little difference in daily driving in electric since the way it is set up it will only come into play at higher RPM's.

All of the parts will get scratched and show swirl marks depending on how you wash them. Use a touchless and you should be fine, run it will brushes and will likely get marks. Choose the color you like. ;)

Good luck with your decision.
There does not appear to be a run on the '23 45e with over 450 of them nationally looking for a home.
To indicate that there is some kind of a rush on what will soon be the previous configuration is a bit disingenuous.
Sure, there may be a few out there here who have some aversion to change and the interior upgrades in technology and overal layout of the LCI which is in line with the current trend across many manufacturers.
There will always be guys who wish their trusty "flip phone" and Window '95 was still viable. Large displays are the current trend and will be accepted by the overwhelming majority of new car buyers with the exception of the "old school will always be better" fist pounders. That crew is more than welcome to live in the past.
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LOL Sorry, I don't play your nonsense games. Go find find someone else.
No my friend, nonsense is promoting the misconception that those in the market for a new X5 are scrambling in mass to be buy what will be outdated technology and yesterdays news in a couple months. That is just ridiculous. I really doubt if anyone else is buying that BS.
You seem to see yourself as some ultimate authority on all things BMW here.
LOL - One day you will grow up. You do realize no one falls for your immature attempts at goading people into arguments. At least try a little harder and not blatantly make things up. Perhaps find an elementary school playground, they may be more on your level.
Well OK then, I will take every word you type on this forum as Gospel from now on so you don't have to resort to personal aggression. Pretty sure that I am not the first to notice that you really do not like to be disagreed with.
I find it comical how you seem to believe that you know what every BMW buyer is thinking and what every BMW dealer is selling their units for.
We all have different reasons for what buying decisions we make some always want to be on the so called leading edge, other are happy with old and reliable. In the 45e 50e controversy I’m going with what’s best for spending the money I have I don’t believe in borrowing money for vehicles. If I wanted a 50e I needed $15,000 more for a similarly equipped vehicle is the 50e better it might be but then I’ll take the XM over both there is always something better, in this discussion 45e is my choice and I’ll gladly live with it.
Gotta agree 100% with not borrowing money for vehicles. Unfortunately some payment buyers do the 30 day coupon book shuffle their entire adult lives working for the bank and end up damn near broke at retirement living a lifestyle that they can't afford. Millions of Americans are trapped in payment book hell and have their financial futures hijacked by the credit industry's "buy now pay later" narcotic. 72 month car loans, 22% credit card rolling balance interest rates, get real, financial suicide.
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^^^^^^Its not just cars. My parents generation had no credit cards, bought 900 sq ft unairconditioned homes with virtually no ammenities, drove Fords or Chevys, had no cell phones, PCs, Ipads, never had massages, manicures, pedicures, makeovers, gym memberships, personal trainers, nannies, landscappers, car detailers, Psychologists, cruises, international travel, and on and on.
Totally different world and none of the above is free but many unfortunately consider it to be mandatory but can only pay the bill with credit that will some how be reconcilled when that ship comes which really never happens.
I remember hearing my father say "Show me what you own, not what you have", when guys my age who were then into the early career stages and were flaunting new cars, Rolex watches, and a bunch of other look at me stuff.
The order banks for the 24's opened about three weeks ago and allocations were issued last week.
Thanks Man, good info. (y)
Yes all of that is very true. Also .gov is enabling people to believe they have a right to these devices and services through grants and bailouts. Obama phone anyone?
Absolutely as laughable as it is true. Half the country lives off the other half.
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^^^^^^We have guys like that here in the high rises who buy 1,2,3 million dollar condos and keep the thermostat on 80 degrees which might save them 10 or 15 bucks a month. We pay 11 cents/kwh.
QUOTE="speedyman, post: 13812475, member: 855829"]
^^^^^^We have guys like that here in the high rises who buy 1,2,3 million dollar condos and keep the thermostat on 80 degrees which might save them 10 or 15 bucks a month. We pay 11 cents/kwh.
Probably tree-hugging more than money-hugging. If neither, it might be just an "outcome manipulation game." One of my single, millionaire coworkers cancelled his household garbage service, and would smuggle his household trash into the dumpster at work.

When I lived in Virginia, I had a 2nd story apartment in a 3-story building. The old guy below me would keep his heat set at about 85. I'd leave mine off and steal his heat. I didn't need to save the money. But, it was a game to see what I could get away with.
A guy we know on the penthouse level of our condo high rise uses his target bags for his garbage. He refuses to buy the draw string tall kitchen bags in a dispensing box. Those bags are pennies a peice if you buy them right.
The only place they will go to eat out is one of those god awful Asian buffets. Its like 12 bucks to eat yourself sick.
^^^^^^^No offense Man but that looks absolutely gross, YUK. the nutrients here have been cooked down to mush.
Drink a couple cans of V8 juice with a healthy jolt of vodka instead.
All you can eat joints are disturbing to me as you see a predominance of obeese to morbidly obeese feed bags waddling in and out of them.
The only chain that was any good of that type was the Sweeden Houses in Florida years ago.
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I guess if you just want some fibre that might do. Personally I prefer everything on that plate cooked 1/2 as long with nice spices - curries and chillies, onions and garlic, etc. but, whatever floats your boat. Oh, and just my opinion but corn is for pigs, so I don’t eat it. I know it is given to cows ahead of slaughter to boost weight but cows can’t digest corn and neither can humans.
Agree 100%, corn is animal food. I hate corn. Xochitl corn tortilla chips w/ sea salt I can eat. You can put any kind of beans other than fresh green beans in the garbage category also. The worst are those dark skinned ones people ruin chili with.
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