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I was able to do my front control arms and bushings this weekend (2001 325ci) thanks to posts several of you have made and my Bentleys. For 90k miles, they were not in terrible shape. I doubt I can add more detail than already has been shared on this and other sites, but I will throw in what I found to be useful in two respects:

(1) removing and installing the nut supporting the inner ball joint. Space, as others have observed, is very tight so very difficult to get a socket in there. I first tried a very short 21mm open wrench but getting leverage was very difficult. After using a contraption involving the short wrench, a copper pipe, and a hammer (!) which did the job on the driver's side, I decided to make a run to Sears before doing the passenger side. I picked up a set of socket caps and flex-head ratcheting gear wrenches, popped the cap onto the 21 mm socket, and then used the flex-head to remove and tighten the passenger side. Much, much easier. I lifted up the driver's side again to see if I could reach the driver's side nut and though tighter, I still was able to do it. That would have made my life A LOT easier.

(2) I believe this already has been stated but I will emphasize it -- pop the inner and outer ball joints first before removing the 16mm bolts connecting the bushing carrier. It makes hammering away at the pickle fork much more secure and easier. Perhaps obvious to others, but I learned the hard way by having to reattach the thing before continuing.

Anyway, thanks to all who posted on the control arm/bushing DIYs; your help is invaluable. All in all, not a terribly difficult job but time consuming because of the tight space on the inner nut.
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