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Hi All,
Trying to fix my 2008 E93 hardtop. While closing it a couple of months ago, the hydraulic motor kept running after the top was closed. This went on for a several minutes before it eventually stopped. Now the top will not go down. It will unlock from the windshield but the hydraulic motor never starts. I have replaced both 'salmon' relays, initialized the windows, disconnected the battery, bought Carly for code reading. (no error codes associated with hardtop). When opening top, the windows go down as usual and the front panel unlock from the windshield. Then Idrive displays HARDTOP! and that is all...I then can lock the top by initiating the close procedure. In the E93 Retractable Hardtop publication on page 39 is the following paragraph..
The movement direction of the hardtop and rear module are determined by corresponding
valve positions and by reversing the direction of rotation of the pump. The hydraulic
pump in the hydraulic unit is driven by an electric motor that operates in two directions of
rotation. Both rotation directions are implemented with a relay switch.
The pump motor and the five hydraulic valves are activated by the CTM. The power consumption
of the electric motor is about 40A (safeguarded by a 50A fuse).

DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE THAT FUSE IS LOCATED? Or any other helpful suggestions? A BMW dealer is a ferry journey and a week long trip from home...thanks.
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