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I have a 1994 BMW E36 convertible with a MANUAL top.

I just ran into a problem where the lever handle inside the passenger door would not release the deck lid , so I could store the top.

After I banged the deck lid over and over again here is what I finally ended up doing, which solved the problem.

1) Remove the rear seat panel on the drivers side

2) reach in behind the handle and pull the cable hard until you hear it release the deck catch on the drivers side

3) lift the deck

4) the cable is stretched and does not fit well into the cable guide holders - the cable is moving back and forth onside the cable guide holders and does not provide resistance to open the deck lid.

5) In the deck area - pull the front part of the cable hard before it reaches the plastic cable guide.

6) Buy a looped wire holder from home depot for home cable wire. it is a small wire or cable holder that can be screwed in into or onto your home to run wire or cable thru.

7) take your drill and drill a small hole in the inside of the deck area next to the rear wheel.

8) place the wire / cable holder around the cable that is stretched and just before the plastic cable guide.

9) run a machine screw into the cable holder and into the wheel well

10) the cable is now held in place and will not move back and forth in the cable guide when you pull the lever to release the rear deck

11) problem solved

12 ) cost 5 cents
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