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Convertible - squeeking / chirping sound.

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Top up or down, I've been having this squeek/chirp sound that happens on certain types of roads. Rough roads it won't do it. Bumps it won't do it. It's only on smooth roads with little minor ripples that it'll do it.

At first I thought it was birds chirping because the top was down. Then I noticed it with the top up. Thought it was were the top rubber seats with the lid but I can't reproduce.

Nothing I do can reproduce the sound.

I remember way back when somebody had a site detailing how they fixed all the squeeks in their convertible but the link is long dead. Anybody here happen to save the info?

At this point I'm left pondering if it's the plastic latch handle on the moveable top well, if it's the well lid itself or if it's the pivot points for the top since it happens top up or down.

Any ideas, anybody else had to cure some squeeks?

BTW, it's been going on since long before I put the new suspension and wheels on, and doing so did not aggravate the situation any. Which is odd, I fully expected the increased stiffness to transmit more shock and make the squeek worse. In fact I was HOPING it did so I could track it down.

One other question, anybody know what a broken window regulator sounds like? I suspect my passenger window regulator is toast since it makes a cracking noise going up or down. Could that possibly be the squeeking noise?

Thanks for reading my essay. :D