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97 328 ic. My electric top has stopped working - will not open. It's been at least 2 months since I last used it. It's always worked perfectly up until now. The toggle switch (located on the console between the driver's seat heater and the traction control switch), which has a small LED in front of it, normally functions perfectly but now... nothing. The switch at this time gives no LED indication whatsoever - no flash, no nothing.
I've checked all the fuses using my Haynes manual as a guide and made sure the trunk was properly closed. When I used the allen wrench from my tool box under the trunk lid to manually begin opening the top, the LED started flashing. The LED stopped flashing when I manually closed the top completely.
Note: I have installed an aftermarket radio since I last opened the top (I think/maybe).
Note 2: During a recent state inspection, the brake light on the trunk stopped working and a service person partially disassembled the underlining and sort of jiggled a wire/connection to get it working again.
In reading through threads related to this issue, someone mentioned a "reset" button or mode perhaps. Is this an option?
It strikes me that the system may think the trunk is open. Maybe there is something I can do to make it realize the trunk is closed?
I'm not especially technical but I do replace my own brakes and other minor repairs.
Thank you for your feedback. This is a very cool forum.
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