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Could use some advice here

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Well my car seems to attract blemishes more than any other silver car. Last week I noticed that I had some water marks on the hood and trunk. But I've never seen anything like this before. They were white in color, and when you went over them with some water and towel, it would disappear, but the edge lines would still remain. I figured they would disappear by the time I washed my car yesterday, but under lighting, I still noticed the outlines of the water marks. The only thing I can think of is that this could be from the sprinkler system water (it hasn't rained here for a week and a half). I'm trying to decide what to do next, but I've never used any hard cleaning products. Suggestions?:dunno:
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The first thing I always try to get out small scratches or spots is just some regular carnauba wax. Have you tried waxing it yet? If they're just hard water spots, it might keep them from coming back, too.
First try a clay bar, it may remove the residue that dried around the edges of the rain drop.

Next, try a fine polish (rain may have eaten into the paint) then wax.

Should take care of it.
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