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CPO Warranty: 5 yrs from original date or 12 mo from purchasing if high miles?

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I have a CPO warranty question for this scenario: a 3-yr old CPO with 50k miles. How long does the CPO warranty cover? In this scenario, the 4yr/50k original new car warranty has expired, does this mean CPO warranty only covers the next 12-mo (ie, 4yr from original purchase date)? How about if the car has 49k miles (CPO age still 3yrs)? Does CPO coverage starts the moment the car hits 50k miles? and how would the dealer know when I hit 50k miles?

It seems it'd simpler if the CPO warranty simply says 5yr from original new car purchase date. But then there's the issue when a 3yr old CPO is purchased with 80k miles (not likely but I have seen some). It just seems too good to be true that CPO covers total of 5 yrs from original new car purchase date (ie, 2 additional yrs of coverage from CPO purchase).
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I believe that the language has changed. I recall mine as one year after new car warranty or 100K miles. But that was a while ago.
You should be able to find coverage details in the contract you signed when purchasing the CPO. For my recent purchase, the CPO extended the 4-year factory warranty by 12 months. E.g.,

Note all the things that are NOT covered such as batteries, brakes, clutch, tires, hoses/belts, paint, lights, etc. I took my CPO 340 in a couple weeks after purchasing to address an apparently common squeaking from the door jams. Even though it's listed in the items not covered, they fixed it due to a creaking door SIB. I wasn't as lucky ~9 years ago when I took my CPO 535 in to the dealer for weird electrical issues. It ended it being a bad battery and they tried charging a large diagnostic fee + battery replacement. I pushed back and reduced the diagnostic fee by half. Still wasn't too pleased but lesson learned!
Yes, the CPO is only the one year if the original has expired. Just the CPO is garbage. The only thing covered is the engine and drivetrain - excluding wear items such as ball joints/control arm etc.

The extended warranty is amazing, but expensive. I paid around $7k for an additional 5yr 100k k/m (I believe) on my X5 and still does not cover wear items such as control arms, shocks, brakes, belts etc which I would not exect a warranty to do anyways. The price varies greatly on the actual cost of the vehicle.
There is not a “the” extended warranty. There are many depending on what the dealer wants to offer. they are third party and a pig in a poke.
The extended warranty is amazing, but expensive.
Here in Canada if you buy CPO waranty it is through BMW and provided by BMW. I didn't realize in the US it's different? Here also the car can only be 1 year out of priginal warranty to be able to get it. My waranty is the same as if you added an extended warranty when you bought it. Is it not the same there?
I think there are 2 things being commented on:

CPO warranties through BMW (which are quite limited in what they cover but provide some piece of mind for many; sounds similar in US and Canada)

3rd Party Extended warranties (which can vary significantly when it comes to cost and coverage and are offered through a BMW dealer, or independently)
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