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Crack?...or No crack? (no not talkin about an 8ball, hahaa)

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I hate to start a new thread just for this, but I wanted some quick opinions from ya'll...

I am minutes away from setting my head back on my 328, and closely looking at it I noticed what may be a crack...but there is not a water jacket between the valves is there? BTW there aren't any cracks along the mounting surface at all. I can get it pressure tested in the morning, but I am ready to put everything together right now:mad:

**Things that I already know**
-I know that I should rebuild the head:slap:
-I know that I deserve to fail since I am doing this the cheap/college budget way:banghead:
-I know that I also deserve a swift kick in the ass for even asking this:spank:, but any help is much appreciated



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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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