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Hi Everyone!

New to the forum, nice to meet you all! Just took delivery of a new 2016 BMW 535xd Touring M-sport. Champagne Quartz metallic / Platinum interior. Have had it for 3 weeks so far. I'm aware the new 5-series is arriving soon but really like the current model and deals are pretty good on it now so I decided to go for one. The one I got is the "Innovation Edition" which comes with a lot of equipment.

It's an amazing car but unfortunately I've run into problems with it. Before delivery, the authorized dealer had the car cleaned (outside and inside). Now I'm experiencing a creaking sound coming from the back of the car. It's mainly noticeable when there are bumps in the road etc. I've had it in to the dealer three times to look at. They have cleaned the rubber seals for the trunk and the rear doors and applied a product called Carbaflo (I think) to them. But the sound is still the same. There's of course probability the sound comes from something to do with the cleaning and the rubber seals but as this has not been possible to solve after three visits to the dealer I'm suspecting it's something else.

I made a recording of the sound by putting my iPhone in the trunk space while recording a "voice memo" using the built in iPhone app. Then drove around a bit where I know there are a few bumps. The sound file can be listened to on Youtube here:

As you can hear, the car sounds like an old wooden floor that you walk on. Or an old wooden boat or something. It's really strange. Again, the sound you hear in the video is from my iPhone recording from the floor of the boot space on the car.

My dealer has been more than willing to try to solve the issue. The reason I'm posting is to hopefully get some fresh ideas into what it can be, as the dealer has so far not succeeded in solving the issue. With the car being a brand new 2016 model it is under warranty.

I've searched around a bit here and read a few threads about similar problems, however they most seem to deal with the rubber seals. And having tried that three times at the dealer I'm not sure that's the issue. Or the rubber seals are so damaged they need to be changed.

Any ideas what kind of sound it is that can be heard in the video?_a_
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