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Here's the fault codes and "Read Datastreams" the Creator C110 (version 4.3) scanner can check for the E90-93 series. I have the E93 convertible and so I've indicated which scanner functions work in bold (scanner say "not connected" if functions don't work). Note that some of the scanner functions only do fault codes (no Read Datastream functions).

Also included solutions to fault codes I've encountered.

This manual might help folks with other scanners, pretty sure the terms DME, CAS, etc. are "standard BMW".

This is a work in progress, and please let me know if you can add/comment on this.
Love to know all the possible scan trouble codes it detects, but so far I've only had 2ADA "EAC Sensor Fault", 2A16 "DTML Superfine Leak (gas cap)", and 2DEB
"Power Management, vehicle electrical system". All intermittent for me.


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