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my 745li 2003 crossover tube and water pump is leaking. they want over 2 grand to fix. Then my mechanic says the water/antifreeze went into the spark splugs because five spark plugs are clean and one is dirty. DO I need a new egine? can i just get the crossover tube aftermaket part and fix the water pump? Should i get rid of the car? it has 92,000 miles on it. thanx im getting another opinion. tne mechanic wants my car for 6000. so i can pay off my car note. I don't know want to do. I guess he wants to profit from it.

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You can get the tube here

YouTube has a video on removal and replacement. Mechanic will charge 10 hrs labor to fix.

No need to replace water pump if it's not broken, most mechanics will recommend replacement due to the miles on the car.

Not sure about the plugs, but you can change them out while there.
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