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Since I am a newbie to motors, it should come as no surprise to you that when I was left in the middle of a crossroad here in London with an accelerator (gas) pedal stuck, I had to wait and call RAC recovery. They noticed that it was not the pedal stuck, but the lever, under the boot, that is pulled by a wire pulled itself by the pedal. (I do not know its name). Anyway, the RAC unblocked by brute force the lever, and then sprayed something (I guess WD40) on it. I was able to start again.

Amazingly, this happened again. I say "amazingly because, once unblocked, this lever seems to work very smoothly, and it does not look dirty. Anyway, I sprayed it myself again and hammered, and I could start again.

Now, I have done a little research myself. The pedal gets stuck only after (but not always, thankfully) I have used the auto cruise control, and I disengage it by braking. I see that there are two cables connected to that lever, and I assume that the other one is connected to the auto cruise control.

Because I am afraid of being left again in the middle of the road, I am trying to disengage differently the auto cruise control, when I use it: always combining clutch and gas. In this way, I noticed, the problem does not happen.

I must also say that, although fortunately it only got stuck a couple of times, several times I found the pedal hard after using the auto cruise control and stopping it with the brake pedal.

Of course the way I found is not always comfortable or even safe to drive, so I would like to solve the problem really!

Let me stress again that I am very surprised by this problem, because the lever moves VERY smoothly, and even the autocruise control works with great precision - well, at least until it gets hard or stuck. So, although I sprayed it extensively, I am very surprised by the behaviour, because all of a sudden it may get really stuck, and then it can only be unblocked by hammering violently.

My car is a 318Ci SE Coupe from 2000.



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Definitely sounds like something you should let a mechanic take a look at. The problem could be the cruise control module itself, which is probably vacuum controlled in your car, rather than just the cable (if the cable seems to move freely).
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