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Hello, I don't really know what to say lol. I bought my e39 in march of 2016. Found out I was having a kid so I sold my 350z, bought a motorcycle and my e39. Definitely the best trade out I've done. I am in the Navy, I purchased her in Norfolk, VA with 127k miles, when I was stationed there. Transferred shortly after, and roughly 7k miles into owning her my heater inlet pipe blew, causing the motor to over heat and the start of all my problems I've had. Transferred to Jacksonville, FL, had to get it towed from Valdosta to here(about 2 hours ish) so I could work on it, where I began tearing down the motor to change it out. Got it fixed ( so i thought) and things were good for a few more months. Then it slowly got worse to the point I couldn't drive without over heating.

On my way home for leave she over heated about an hour from home and wouldn't stop over heating from that point. That's where the head gasket blew i assume. so Christmas-ish 2016 I had to leave her in GA due to not being able to have time to work on it, and the funds. and she sat there until Christmas of 2018. My father-in-law ended up getting the motor changed for us for our holiday present, We had a bunch of different mechanics check it out, and each one gave us the response of not being able to save the motor due to it being an aluminum block. We still wanted to try as we are both mechanics by nature, but couldn't ever get things right.

I don't know all the details on what the shop did, due to it being a gift to us. From what I know They found a 2000 528i with around 130k miles and changed all the gaskets and made it like new and put it into my car. My dash now ready 136k. So only a few k off the motor and body.

Yup, there's my intro, a lot longer than i thought it would be, lol. Hope This is decent and can assist anyone with any issues I have faced, and look forward to finding some answers too. (ive browsed this forum since I got the car, but never signed up, You guys are awesome! helped me with a lot of things lol.)

I do have a couple issues here and there with the car, some that have been the way since I got it and some new since the motor swap.

issue 1- randomly sometimes when I go to start the car sometimes the radio wont come on, the memory seat/steering wheel functions wont come on at all, and it'll say my seat belt is unplugged even if it is. However after driving for a little while it'll come back and work, or it just wont at all unless i turn the key over and off multiple times to get it working. Anyone have any suggestions on this?
issue 2- after the motor swap and after my drive back to Jax from ga, I noticed that my car has this weird shutter to it when its in drive if i'm sitting still. Or if i come to a stop then start to pull off she will kind of stutter to go then hard shift into gear and go. I was thinking something to do with the trans or something not linking right with the motor and trans? I'm not sure. Also sometimes when I shift into drive or reverse she wont want to go at all, until I sit and wait a minute then she will grab. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Maybe time for trans fluid flush?

Thank you guys, look forward to communicating with everyone :D (sorry for any typos, it's late and I've been sleep deprived a little)

(pictures are from purchase->recent. only recent one was when i upgrade the low beams to LEDs.)


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Hi and welcome to Bimmerfest :wave:.

I see you've been to the right forum for help :thumbup:.
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