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wingspan said:

Wingspan's first ticket: Age 17, returning home from an errand a little late, in Mom's new '78 320i. Caught the green turn light onto Backlick Road, Fairfax County from a side street. Thought, hey, why not stand on it. Descending on the approach, second gear, a little wide of the turn, turn in, throttle on through the corner, got a little squirrely but was on the gas on exit and nailed it so the car was straight up.

Unfortunately, all this occured in the plain view of a Fairfax Cty cop who, needless to say, was not impressed at all. :(

$76.00, which was a lot of money at the time.

I understand. :thumbup:
Hey, you grew up in Fx County? :thumbup: Where'd you go to HS?
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