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My 2012 650i X drive has 20 x 8.5 inch rims on front and 20 x 9 inch rims on rear. Tires are also different size so fronts have 8.8 inches of tread width and rears have 9.8 inches. My tires need to be replaced and my rims have rash and curb damage, so I'm investigating custom rims. I'm also wondering about larger sized rims, maybe 21 or 22 inch. However, it looks like I'm not going to find exactly the correct width or offset.

My question is "how important is it to maintain the factory spec for wheel and tire size?" I'm not going to be blasting down the autobahn anyway, so I'll probably never be in the extreme performance range of the car's capabilities. I'm admiring a set of 22 X 9.5 inch rims right now that have a 15 mm offset. Some practical issues - will they fit in the wheel wells? Will the offset cause them to rub on other suspension components? Will the wider tire patch (at least an inch wider in the front) create steering difficulties? Will performance be adversely affected, such as in a rainstorm? I'm not radical and am not gong to do a mod if it messes up the suspension geometry or creates abnormal wear (or requires anything to do with an air chisel LOL).

Any wheel and tire guys out there that can lend your technical skills to this question?

Alternately if you recommend sticking with stock, any leads on wheel shops in the Miami or Tampa area that can repair rims, replacing missing alloy metal gouged out of the machined area of the rim with new alloy that matches? I found a shop that will fill the gouge with a polymer, and then powder coat, but the damage is on a machined surface that I would like to maintain.
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